Karolina has worked with our family for over fours years. During this time she has always been very supportive, empathic, and understanding of our son’s situation and also of the impact on our family.

Unlike some professionals, Karolina worked closely with the family (without breaching any confidences) so that we could support our son through his difficult times.

Karolina’s approach nurtures trust between her and her client allowing them to be open about their feelings and situation. Her warmth, smile, and cheerful nature helps to make her clients feel very comfortable.

Mr and Mrs L


Karolina is a kind and caring person. She makes mindfulness sessions fun by including topics that I like in the activities and she likes talking about Star Trek. She has also let me show her how to play Minecraft. My mindfulness sessions with Karolina help me relax and think more positively. I think other children should have the chance to do mindfulness with Karolina, as I think it would help them too.

Young Person

aged 15

I have known Karolina for almost nine years having attended group and individual mindfulness sessions that she has run along with other therapy-based support meetings. She has contributed to making mindfulness practices an important part of my day-to-day life and how I look after myself.

Her knowledge of trauma and its effects on a child’s development and behaviour has strengthened my own understanding and way of thinking so allowing me to broaden the approaches and strategies that I use. Karolina has also advocated for my child in professional settings, so that their needs and behaviours can be understood and appropriate provisions and strategies to support their needs identified.

Karolina genuinely appears to care and takes time to listen and get to know you. This makes me feel safe in talking about issues that come up and how I am feeling about them and consider ways to move forward. The way she engages with my young person, showing real interest in their interests and reflecting these into activities and discussions helps gain their participation, but at the same time, giving them space when they need their own space.

Foster Carer

Greater London